What Skills Do You Need to Be a Quality SEO Consultant?

A question that I am often asked is, how do I become an SEO consultant in the UK? People generally want to know what qualifications they need to take and what experience they have to gain. The problem is that there is no official qualifications for SEO consultants in the UK. There are lots of online schemes offering exams and certification but do they really certify you, are they willing to back anyone who passes their test as an search engine consultant.

As far as I am aware no such certification exists, however I did take and pass the web CEO exam and the reason I did was to help give my clients a little more confidence in my services. You get a certificate after the exam and an online badge link certifying you as an internet marketer and states the skills you possess. There are other exams you can take and some cost in excess of one thousand dollars.

The real qualities that turn you into an SEO consultant are your experience, track record and your site. For instance a good search engine optimisation consultant will have his or her site amongst the top site for his chosen keywords. If a consultant cannot get their own site to the top, how are they going to get anybody elses there. There are some basic skills you need to possess before you even think about becoming a consultant.

Html, where it is associated with optimisation, for example, title tags, meta tags, CSS, and alt images are all things you should know about and be able to optimise. You should also be aware how to build links effectively yet ethically and maximising the exposure of yours and your clients web pages. You also need to know how to use keywords correctly and how to build a site structure that is compatible with Google. I say Google because this is the search engine you really want to be ranked high in.

If you are dealing with a new site you will also need to about PPC advertising and how to use it affectively and to maximise ROI. There is lot to learn about PPC and you should concentrate on Google AdWords.

Becoming an SEO consultant in the UK is no easy task and experience is what you need to be successful. Show off your skills by sending your consultancy site to the top of Googles organic listings.

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