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Franchise Consultants – Your “Free” Expert Guide

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There are only four ways to go into business. You can start a business from scratch. You can buy an existing business. You can become a consultant. You can buy a franchise business. The latter, buying a franchise, is the option which allows you to buy a pre-established operating system that reduces the risk.

What if I could tell you there is an expert available, that will help you identify your business objectives, guide you through the selection process, provide valuable insights and provide decision-making data, all at no cost to you, FREE.

Franchise consultants are professionals that do just that. Independent from the franchisor, they can show you the process of buying a franchise. Who pays? Well, its the franchisor who pays the fees. Franchisors from all industries, both large and small, are bombarded with prospective franchise buyers. Unfortunately, over 90% of these inquiries fail to pass their initial screens. This influx of “tire-kickers” bogs down the franchisor and ends up wasting resources. Having a professional franchise consultant, pre-screen and qualify candidates is a welcome service.

Much like executive recruiters, franchise consultants screen through the pool of candidates and match skills, objectives, financial resources, and location to the potential franchise.

In addition to providing suggestions for franchise business ideas. Franchise consultants can offer various referrals for industry experts. Most consultants work with franchise lawyers, accountants and bankers who all specialize in the franchise industry.

Strongly consider utilizing the knowledge of one of the expert franchise consultants. Save time, call a consultant.

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Medical Lab Consultants – Why You Need an Expert

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As laboratories face increased regulatory and financial pressure, it is imperative that these entities run as efficiently as possible. Many independent and hospital-based labs are turning to laboratory consultants for guidance in daily operations, technology decisions, outreach efforts, strategic planning and implementation. Turning to experts with experience in each of these disciplines can give these organizations the boost they need to stay ahead of the competition and take on new opportunities.

The benefit of hiring medical lab consultants is simple: they are fortunate to have provided advisory, financial, operational and technical assistance to companies across the laboratory industry. They will have extensive knowledge of best-practices because they have assisted a number of businesses in unique situations. Each new experience they encounter brings with it a multitude of useful tools they can place in their consulting belt.

Experts (like a consultant) in any field are knowledgeable, useful and powerful tools that provide full-service solutions. Finding the right consultant in the medical laboratory industry is key as they need to have experience and relations within this very complex industry.

Long-term solutions and planning are key to the success of any business today. If you manage, run or own a medical lab, don’t trust your well-being to just anyone. Turn to consultants that know what they’re doing, have a proven track record of success and that understand they are hired to meet the unmet needs of you (their client). Having the right answers at the right time is what you’re paying for. Know that you are in good hands by seeking out and hiring a well-respected firm when it comes time for your search for a medical lab consultant.

Jeremy Daniels is a Medical Lab Consultant for Colaborate, a full-service medical laboratory consulting firm based in Tampa, Florida. Colaborate is made up of seasoned lab experts and business associates. Dedicated exclusively to the lab industry, they deliver strategic tools, best practice technology, and innovative solutions to meet the specific needs of their client organizations.

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Men – Why Hire an Image Consultant? Top 5 Reasons

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Hiring an image consultant can be a daunting task. It can be hard to figure out which one to go with, which one will really get you and your style. Not to mention that it can be a little embarrassing to admit to the fact that you need a little help in the style department. You probably think you should know how to dress yourself, or what haircut to get. Or maybe you just really don’t have the time, like many people. There are so many benefits to hiring an image consultant, but I will just go into the top 5.

1. You can shop in the store of your choice. Unlike a personal shopper at a department store, you’re not locked into just buying from that store. Not to mention the fact that an image consultant offers so much more than a personal shopper. They offer services to improve your total image, not just your clothing.

2. It makes shopping fast, easy and fun. Most men hate to shop, but when you hire an image consultant a good one will be able to cut your shopping time in half. Not to mention the fact that they will make it fun and easy for you. Basically all you have to do is show up, approve and try on. For those that really have no time, shopping can be done ahead of time and then you just come in and try it on, or else the clothing can be brought to you. All you have to do is provide your sizes and a description of the style you’re going for, as well as your budget.

3. You get an unbiased opinion. Because image consultants don’t receive commission they only have your best interest in mind. They will not push you into buying something expensive that you really don’t like. There is no pressure to buy, which is a nice change from department store personal shoppers.

4. Men can get a woman’s perspective. How many times have men wondered what clothing really attracts women? The foremost thing is always confidence, but wearing the right clothing that you feel good in, can create confidence. Women appreciate a man that has style. It doesn’t even have to be one specific style as long as it’s your own. It needs to be your own legitimate style, that fits your personality and a good image consultant will help you figure it out. Different women like different style men of course, but if your style is your own, it will attract most women.

5. No one else will tell you the absolute truth. If your friend, family member or partner were to tell you what they really think about your appearance, they risk hurting your relationship. An image consultant is specifically hired to tell you the truth. A good image consultant will never put you down or make you feel bad, but rather will only want to help you by giving you constructive criticism.

As you can see, hiring an image consultant is highly beneficial to you, as well as the people who have to look at you everyday. Instead of watching you struggle to keep from drowning in your fashion disaster, they will see you gain confidence and the new bounce in your step as you show off your new look.

Rosanne Bianchetta, Image Consultant and Life Coach, developed the revolutionary Custom 3 Part Program designed to completely transform your self-image, combining inner as well as outer transformation.

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Consulting and Attitude

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Due to a water leak in the apartment I currently live in, I’ve had six different carpenters/contractors in my apartment in the last few days, all working on what is now a huge hole in the kitchen floor. (The short story about the hole in the floor is that the water line to the refrigerator had a leak, and that over time, the leak caused major damage to the floor of this second-story apartment.)

What has really amazed me about the different contractors is their attitudes. Whenever I think about any form of service, I always think about consulting, because consulting is a service. So as I describe the following behavior, I want you to think about whether you’d hire this person as a consultant.

The contractors

Contractor #1: Very loud, swears often, and has his shirt unbuttoned to expose his chest. Talks about all sorts of personal things, including his buddy who is on a prison-release program, and has to wear an ankle bracelet so he can be tracked.

Contractor #2: A man apparently in his 50s or early 60s. When I ask him about the new concrete that has been poured, he complains about it, saying he doesn’t know why they do it this way, and how he thinks it’s dumb. He reeks of cigarette smoke, and quits complaining as soon as his boss walks in.

Contractor #3: A younger man, he serves as an apprentice to the others. He doesn’t say much, but does whatever anyone asks him to. He’s also far and away cleaner than the first two contractors, and was also polite to me.

The boss: An older man, the first time I meet him he introduces himself, makes sure he moves carefully in the apartment, apparently trying not keep the carpet clean. He describes to me what has probably happened here, and what they’re going to have to do to fix it. Once they get into the work he continues to update me on what’s happening.

The building maintenance man: A nice man, but based on comments from the neighbors, he comes with a reputation as a slow worker. He also told me that the work would be done in two days, and we’re currently starting Day 4 of the repairs.

Having read those descriptions, I think you can imagine whether or not you’d hire any of these people the next time you need to have some work done. And you can probably visualize people like this that you have met in your work environments.

Lessons learned

Based on the descriptions of these people (and the part of the story where we’re on Day 4 of a Two Day job), I feel like I’ve been reminded of the following lessons. As you’ll see, I think they all relate to consulting.

When making an estimate, don’t tell someone what you think they want to hear; tell them the truth, and even over-estimate, leaving time for things that can go wrong. People make other plans based on your estimates, and they will also resent you if you don’t come through on time.
Don’t complain about the work your company is doing. Can you imagine buying something from someone while they tell you how bad their product or service is? If you have a disagreement within the ranks, keep it internal, or move on.
Be polite. You’re a guest in someone else’s house (or business).
When working on someone else’s property, and certainly within earshot of people who are paying you, keep your conversation clean.
There’s much more to be said, but I’ll sum it up in a way that relates to both consulting and life: In the long run, all you have in life is your attitude. And in regards to attitude, I’ve witnessed the following things over and over in my consulting career:

Prospects will hire you over someone else based on your attitude.
Customers will stick with you when things go wrong if you have a great attitude.
Customers will do repeat business with you — and recommend you to their friends — if you have a great attitude.
This isn’t to say that your work isn’t important — it is — but all other things being equal, the person with the great attitude is going to be the winner. Attitude is so important to me that when I first started consulting, I wrote these words on a scrap of paper, and put that paper in my wallet: “Be the most positive and enthusiastic person you meet today.”

I’ve won millions of dollars worth of service contracts almost based entirely on my attitude. I learned this consulting secret first from an old book named “How I Raised Myself From Failure to Success in Selling” (authored by Frank Bettger, and given to me by my grandfather), and I’m glad to share it with you here.

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